welcome to Pension Partners

Welcome to our law firm, Pension Partners LLP, a specialist pension law firm
founded and run by us, Pauline Anning and Kate Ive.

We advise trustees and sponsoring employers on all aspects of occupational pension schemes. Our clients include public limited companies, private companies, employers in the education sector, charities, trustee bodies, unincorporated associations and local authorities. We also work with law firms with limited, or no, pensions resource.

Our approach of providing reliable pensions advice at competitive rates is attractive to clients with limited resource or income to outsource the problem, or those facing the challenges of keeping schemes going because of funding issues. We live and breathe pensions all day, every day, so our clients can be certain of receiving up-to-date and detailed advice.

Our partnership represents a new and growing generation of law firms providing succinct and practical advice without any of the expensive trappings. Fresh in our approach but mature in our advice, we’ve got the expertise to handle the difficult and most complex jobs combined with a delivery that’s quick and to the point.

And because Pension Partners is our own business, our clients can be certain of receiving the best possible service. Please use our site for information purposes..We recognise that your pension situation is unique to you and your organisation, so for a more tailored response to your interest, please telephone us on 0845 050 6222.

Utterly professional

Pension Scheme Trustee - FTSE250 company

Current News

Cohabitee wins right to pension

The Supreme Court has ruled that a nomination requirement relating to the payment of a survivor’s pension under a public sector pension scheme discriminated against cohabiting unmarried couples and should be disapplied.


Reversing Trustee Decisions

Trustees have on occasion relied on the “Hastings Bass” rule to unwind decisions that subsequently transpire to have unintended consequences. The scope to do so has been narrowed by the recent Supreme Court judgments in the jointly heard cases of Futter and another v HMRC and Pitt and another v HMRC.


EU Solvency Rules dropped

The European Commission has announced that it is dropping its plans for a new funding regime for pension schemes.



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