Pension Partners LLP advises on all aspects of occupational pension schemes.

Typically our work covers general advisory matters including the legal aspects of investment issues, documentation, corporate support, legislative and regulatory compliance and scheme and corporate reconstruction.

Sometimes we're called in to take a high level, strategic view on a situation. Sometimes we’re required to advise at a detailed and technical level. Sometimes it's all of those! The point is we can be all-inclusive or specific depending on the client requirement.

We provide services under the following headings.

Full Service Advice

Occupational final salary schemes must undertake actuarial valuations every three years. The valuation process, which is governed by legislation, has become of paramount importance to both trustees and sponsoring employers. As it incorporates the settlement of a schedule of employer contributions to the scheme and, where the scheme is underfunded, a recovery plan for removing the deficit.


Corporate Transactions

Corporate transaction of any size and description invariably impact on pension schemes and vice versa.


Scheme and Corporate Restructuring

The nature and complexity of re-structuring varies from scheme to scheme depending on the scheme provisions, the company, contracts of employment and organisation culture. We advise trustees and employers on the closure of their scheme to future accrual and in relation to a change in benefit structure (the most common being a change from final salary to career average or defined contribution).


Scheme Mergers

Sponsoring employers who, for historic reasons, operate several pension schemes, often wish to merge these arrangements for reasons of efficiency, and to attract other advantages and economies of scale.



The selection of the investment strategy for a pension scheme is an area where the full impact of the trustees' statutory responsibilities is most clearly demonstrated as underperforming investments and investment managers will directly impact upon the funding of the scheme and the security of the benefits of its members.


Dealing with The Pensions Regulator

For example, has there been a type A event?


The Pension Protection Fund

We advise on the use of contingent assets and their registration with the PPF. As trustees and advisers, we have guided schemes throught the assessment period to entry into the PPF.


Legislative, regulatory and statutory compliance

Our work includes advice on compliance with the Pensions Acts 1995 and 2004 and the guidance and codes of practice issued by The Pensions Regulator.


Scheme Governance

Regulation in recent years has extended to almost every aspect of scheme governance. Trustees and employers now need to be aware of both statutory regulations which may impact upon the administration of their pension schemes and the many guidance notes and codes of practice issued by the Pensions Regulator which do not have legislative force.


Trustee Training

We are frequently asked to provide general and bespoke training to trustees on topical issues and scheme documentation.


Current News

Cohabitee wins right to pension

The Supreme Court has ruled that a nomination requirement relating to the payment of a survivor’s pension under a public sector pension scheme discriminated against cohabiting unmarried couples and should be disapplied.


Reversing Trustee Decisions

Trustees have on occasion relied on the “Hastings Bass” rule to unwind decisions that subsequently transpire to have unintended consequences. The scope to do so has been narrowed by the recent Supreme Court judgments in the jointly heard cases of Futter and another v HMRC and Pitt and another v HMRC.


EU Solvency Rules dropped

The European Commission has announced that it is dropping its plans for a new funding regime for pension schemes.


Pensions for Mortgages

Nick Clegg announces a new government idea to allow parents to use their pensions to help children onto the property ladder.